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Over the last 30 years, we’ve become the leading toll manufacturer of crop protection, industrial chemical and specialty formulations in Australia. This means we have the facilities and experience to handle all your product formulation requirements, and can work with you to create an individual solution for your business.

We provide superior quality products, efficiently and confidentially, and our commitment to customer service allows us to reliably deliver what you need on time.

Our independence and flexibility means we can assist when other manufacturers can’t, plus we pride ourselves on our commitment to confidentiality.

We’ll handle everything you need, from initial product development and testing, through to product formulation, quality control, packaging, labelling and warehousing.


Liquids - Crop Protection

  • Over 27 manufacturing and storage vessels, from 200L up to 20,000L
  • We handle dangerous goods, flammable solvents, oil and water-based solutions, emulsifiable concentrates, suspo-emulsions and suspension concentrates
  • Autopak operates two designated Suspension Concentrate plants utilizing a total of 6 horizontal bead mills

Packaging & Labelling (Liquids)

  • Flexible packaging lines for each set of vessels including
    • 4 head in line labelling, filling, capping line
    • Twin and single-head automatic fillers with semi-automatic packaging lines including cap tightening
    • Heat shrinking and ancillary materials handling equipment
  • Pack size range covers 750mL through to 110L, 1000L IBC’s and bulk tankers
  • We also provide repacking and relabelling services

Liquids - Small Pack (Home & Garden)

  • Autopak has a dedicated manufacturing suite for fertilizer products packed for the Home & Garden market
  • Filling lines are also used for packing liquids into small bottles 750mL – 5L


  • Four powder processing plants including nauta mixers, ribbon blenders and hammer mills
  • One explosion-protected pesticide mill with pre and post-mill blenders
  • Packaging of powders is carried out in a separate form, fill and seal packaging line capable of handling water soluble film and foil
  • Alternative packaging for powders is done through Arenco fillers on three separate lines


  • The herbicide pelleting operation is housed in a separate building and contains three extrusion presses with all ancillary equipment including gas fired drying, storage hoppers, sieves and packaging equipment

Wax Blocks

  • Parrafin wax is mixed with various ingredients and the molten mixture is transferred to moulds to form wax blocks of various sizes


  • Modern Laboratories employing a team of 12 people
  • The Quality Control laboratory is equipped with a wide range of instruments capable of most chemical testing including chromatography, spectrometry and conventional wet methods
  • Laboratory equipment consisting of:
    • 14 x HPLCs
    • 1 x FTIR
    • 2 x GC
    • 1 x laser coulter counter
    • 1 x UV-Vis Spectrometer
    • viscosity, moisture, potentiometric titration and pH measuring equipment
  • Pilot equipment including vessels, nauter mixer, bead mills, an extrusion basket granulator and fluid bed dryer
  • Formulation and analytical method development and validation
  • Pilot batch manufacture
  • Support product registrations
  • Product improvement development work
  • Stability services


  • The Autopak Supply Chain team includes a team of 5 professionals dedicated to offering our customers full procurement services including sourcing and purchasing raw materials, packaging and printed material


The Autopak facility is part of a 15 acre site with ample warehousing space available to store customer materials and Finished Goods

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