Trust our stringent Quality Assurance standards to deliver quality products every time

Our focus on quality standards, policies and procedures has contributed to our exceptional record for the manufacture of both branded and generic formulations.

We focus on quality across formulation, presentation, packaging, labelling and product information, with industry-standard benchmarks such as cGMP systems, ISO 9001 accreditation, and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) standards.

Plus, we retain batch and quality assurance records which exceed the regulatory requirements for agricultural chemical products, so you can have confidence that if you ever need to ask us about something, we’ll have the answer. We record the source of all active constituents we use for every formulation.

Our state-of-the-art Quality Control laboratory ensures your products meet every standard required

We believe in extensive Quality Control, so we test and check throughout our process to be sure our products meet our high standards. Autopak’s quality control team includes a Quality Control Director, a Quality Assurance Specialist, a Technical Manager and two Quality Assurance Supervisors who operate our quality control processes across two onsite laboratories.

Our team maintains the highest standards for processes such as incoming goods quality control, in-process quality control testing, stability, sample retention services, method validation and research and development. From incoming QC of raw materials and packaging, to the independent review of international auditors from our multinational customers, we take all the steps required to actively ensure our products meet the registered quality standards.

Our fully equipped quality control laboratory is capable of a wide range of testing including chromatography, spectrometry, and conventional wet testing methods.

We value your commitment to quality, so speak with us about your next product today

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