Autopak-Adama Rural Road Trip – September 2017

Recently a group of staff members from Autopak joined with one of our most valued customers, Adama Australia, for a road trip to rural New South Wales.

Chris Fraser, Business Development Consultant, Gabby Campbell, Customer Relationship Manager, and Helen Llosa, Business Manager, represented  Autopak.

Adam Phelan, General Manager for Marketing, Dror Dagan, Senior Product Manager and Anna Prastalo, Demand Planner, Supply Chain, came from Adama.

The first stop was Silmac Agricultural Supplies in Kelso on the outskirts of Bathurst. The store, operated by James and Susan MacMahon, supplies agricultural chemicals, animal health products, fertilizer and machinery to farmers in the central west. We were impressed to see the representation of Autopak-manufactured Adama products on the shelves.

After a quick circuit of Mount Panorama, we headed to Dubbo where we enjoyed dinner at Dubbo’s top Teppanyaki restaurant. The next morning we were joined by local Adama representative, Harry Pickering, and headed out to Trangie to meet cotton grower Stewart Denston. Stewart gave us a tour of his family farm and provided a lot of great insights about the ways in which farmers use crop protection products, the ever-changing conditions that require quick responses to environmental threats and potential ways we could assist farmers to use their crop protection products more easily.

It was a fascinating and fun experience for us all. Thank you to the Adama team for organising the trip, we look forward to the next one!